Effective 09/26/17, all W.D.I.R.s will be delivered electronically and the prices have changed to the following:
Realtor/Mortgage Companies - $65
Homeowners - $75
Realtor/Mortgage Companies Expedited - $100
Homeowners Expedited - $100

Effective 07/14/17, payment for all W.D.I.Rs is due prior to scheduling inspection (you can still submit this request at any time). Requests made requiring same day service will now be $86. All other requests made by realtors will remain $43.

Effective 03/01/16, all W.D.I.R.'s for realtors and mortgage companies will increase to $43 due to a state fee increase. All W.D.I.R.'s for anyone else will increase to $65.


Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please contact us at (337) 855-4100 or use the form below.

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