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Rats can be detected by their droppings or evidence of fresh gnawing and their tracks can be seen in mud and on dusty surfaces. Burrows and runways may be found next to buildings, along fences, and under low vegetation and debris. Rats often cause electrical fires in buildings by gnawing through plastic electrical junction boxes. Rats must constantly gnaw on hard objects to cut back their constantly growing incisor teeth. In addition, they live in the most unsanitary places, and are carriers of serious health risks to humans from their droppings.

Rodent Proofing

As a preventive measure, we recommend that all potential rodent entry points into the building be sealed to physically exclude rats and mice from entering the building. A mouse can squeeze through any pencil sized opening. Rodent control is not an easy job. Rodents like your house because you offer food, water and shelter. As long as they can find some source of food, water and shelter in or near your home, they will remain there. Eliminate these and your problems will be over. We can provide specifications and carry out rodent proofing of the premises.

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